Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The First Snow of the Season

I'm quite frustrated with blogger. I tried to upload this video earlier, and it has been "uploading" for three hours already. Given the speed of my internet connection and the filesize, it should have been uploaded in 7 minutes.

I'm going to try again here after farting around with Avidemux for two hours trying to make the video smaller. It's now only 24MB instead of 104MB (though the sound is slightly out of sync at times). Let's see if it uploads.

(Wow - it made it past "uploading" in just two minutes, and now it is saying "processing". Ooo. Done processing already.)


Harrison Balzonya said...

That was painfully boring. I could handle it if you were a cute chick in a tight low cut blouse. You sound like Mr. F***ing Rogers.

dropkick murphy said...

You got nothin on us